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  • Sources and analysis methods of 21 common sewage pollutants in sewage 2019/11/22
  • There are such differences in environmental monitoring capacity in different regions 2019/11/22
  • First, the gap in technical ability is very large, and the mismatch between responsibility and duty is prominent。Compared with the eastern and central regions, the current grassroots environmental monitoring in the west is very unequal to people, responsibilities and positions, rights and positions, and the phenomenon of "small horses and carts" is common。The grassroots environmental monitoring work in the west started late, the government environmental monitoring agency staffing is small, it is very difficult to increase the staffing, new people can not enter, the elderly are reluctant to learn。The western region is generally in financial distress, and new, advanced and high-end monitoring instruments cannot be purchased...

  • Conventional water quality testing methods 2019/11/07
  • Water is an important resource of the natural environment, which is closely related to our life, but its pollution problem is gradually serious, and the conventional water quality detection method has gradually emerged and been widely used。Conventional water quality testing is generally used in the field water quality testing equipment, and the testing equipment requires the detection of data on the site and the speed of reflection, simple to use, convenient to carry。At present, water quality testing is one of the main means of water resource protection and pollution control。Water quality testing is mostly used for industrial water and water...

  • The China Environmental Protection Industry Association issued the Guide on Corporate Social Responsibility for Environmental Protection to provide guidance for environmental protection enterprises to better fulfill their social responsibilities 2019/09/18
  • As a strategic emerging industry, environmental protection industry provides important support for protecting and improving the ecological environment and promoting green development in China, and is closely related to public health。This requires environmental protection enterprises that provide related products and services to prevent and control environmental pollution and improve the ecological environment to better fulfill their social responsibilities。Environmental protection enterprises to fulfill social responsibility, help establish a good corporate reputation and image, help enterprises to achieve their own sustainable development, help better for the environmental protection industry...

  • The significance of total phosphorus analyzer in treating environment 2019/07/22
  •   With the increasing attention and strengthening of environmental protection work, the elimination of phosphorus pollution is becoming a topic of increasing concern. The significance of the total phosphorus analyzer is to measure the phosphorus content, which has important significance in pollution control:   Phosphorus comes from industrial wastewater. The wastewater of food processing, fermentation, detergent production and other factories contains a large amount of phosphorus.Phosphorus-containing fertilizers and pesticides can improve crop yields, but at the same time, phosphorus is polluting the environment and domestic sewage...

  • One machine to solve the factory sewage water quality supervision 2019/07/22
  •   Mention of industrial production concentration, most people will have a picture in their minds: sewage flow in the factory, waste residue dumping, dust flying all over the sky, production noise waste water waste gas discharge, serious impact on the normal life of nearby people。   Indeed, industrial pollution is a major problem that has plagued the development of enterprises, and the national environmental protection department has paid more and more attention to the emission of pollution from enterprises, and sewage pollution has become an obstacle to the sustainable development of enterprises...

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