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  • What are VOC, VOCs, TVOC?This article helps you sort it out! 2019/12/05
  • Mention VOCs Do you have a general idea of what a "Ta" is However, when you put VOCs, VOC and TVOC together, can you still distinguish it? Today, Xiaobian will introduce it to you

  • About surface water environmental pollution and control strategy analysis! 2019/10/22
  • Environmental protection,There is a long way to go,In recent years,The results of our country's reform and opening appear continuously,Our country's economic and social development speed is faster and faster,The level of economic development is also improving,However, this is mainly due to the extensive economic development mode in the early stage of China's reform and opening up,The rapid development of economy is at the cost of energy and resource consumption and ecological environment destruction,This makes the current economic society of our country in the course of development,Facing increasingly serious ecological and environmental problems...

  • Popular science knowledge - Related index concepts in the field of water quality monitoring 2019/10/14
  • Dry goods | detailed total phosphorus and total nitrogen treatment! 2019/10/14
  • Eutrophication of water is a phenomenon of water aging. The large discharge of nitrogen and phosphorus can cause eutrophication of water. Therefore, total nitrogen and total phosphorus are used as an important assessment index to evaluate the treatment effect of sewage plant in our country。With the promulgation of the "Ten Principles of Water", the indexes of total nitrogen and total phosphorus began to attract attention。Today we're going to look at total nitrogen and total phosphorus。

  • How to tell the difference between TOD, BOD and COD 2019/09/02
  • There are two types of comprehensive indicators that indicate the content of organic matter in water. One is the indicator expressed by the oxygen demand (O2) equivalent to the amount of organic matter in water, such as biochemical oxygen demand BOD, chemical oxygen demand COD and total oxygen demand TOD.The other category is an indicator expressed in carbon (c), such as total organic carbon (TOC)。对于同一种污水来讲,这几种指标的数值一般是不同的,按数值大小的排列顺序为TOD>COD>BOD...

  • Huahou Tiancheng water quality online automatic monitoring system project case 2019/08/31
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