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Release time: 2019/07/22

  Since its establishment in July 2012, Hebei Huahou Tiancheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has gone through the road of development for five years。In the past five years, the company has gradually completed the variety of environmental protection products, the rapid improvement of scientific and technological content, the rapid increase of monitoring projects, the continuous expansion of the staff team, and the rapid expansion of the development scale。
  On July 13, 2012, the company was officially established, and the Langfang production base was put into trial production in 2013。In 2014, under the care of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Langfang production base was transferred to Handan Economic Development Zone, and 900 square meters of phase I production base was built in the small and medium-sized enterprise accelerator Park in the development zone, the second generation of products was put into production, and the intelligent standard integrated station house was successfully developed, and the output value was 30 million yuan that year。In 2015, 7,000 square meters of phase II production base was built, laying a foundation for the development of the enterprise。Enterprises across the development process, development performance contains the care and concern of leaders at all levels。In the past five years, the central and provincial leaders have visited the company for many times: On October 15, 2014, Xu Xiao, Secretary of the Central Committee of the League, Zhang Zefeng, secretary of the Provincial Youth League Committee, Zhang Ruishu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and other leaders visited the company to observe and guide。On March 29, 2015, Guo Lin, director of the fourth Bureau of the Central Organization Department, and other leaders visited the company to observe and guide。On March 20, 2015, provincial leaders, accompanied by Party Secretary Gao Hongzhi, Mayor Wang Huiyong and leaders of the development zone, visited the company。In the evening, Hebei News broadcast carried a special report under the title "Small enterprises must become big enterprises"。
  With the continuous strengthening of the development foundation of the company's talent accumulation, technology accumulation, and market factor accumulation, the pace of sustainable and efficient scientific development of the company will be further accelerated, and the future of thick day environmental protection will be better!

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