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CODCr type water quality online automatic analyzer

Release time: 2019/07/22
CODCr type water quality online automatic analyzer
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CODCr type water quality online automatic analyzer

Instrument overview:

  • Surface water is closely related to human life and production, and its quality is related to human survival and development。With the development of industry, more and more countries and regions pay attention to the quality of surface water。In the river pollution andIndustrial wastewaterIt is an important and quickly measured organic pollution parameter in the study of properties and the operation and management of wastewater treatment plants。
  • The CODcr and CODmn online analyzers produced by Huahou Tiancheng can be used to monitor the COD index in surface water, lakes, seawater, industrial process water, municipal sewage and pollution sources。

Instrument features:

  • Choose the world's leading sequential inhalation based microfluidic technology, small reagent consumption, suitable for long-term online monitoring;
  • The analysis method is consistent with the national standard;
  • Reliable over voltage, over temperature protection device;
  • Circuit board module control, failure, just plug and replace the faulty circuit board, maintenance only 1 hour;
  • The maintenance amount is small, the failure rate is low, the maintenance time is short, the operation cost is low。

Measurement principle:Potassium dichromate oxidation, spectrophotometric method

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